Spirulina 400mg 250 Tablets

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Spirulina 400mg 250 Tablets

Spirulina 400mg 250 Tablets
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OrganicSpirulina provides over 50 vital substances with high bioavailability (ca. 95 %) easily digestible, e.g.

• vitamins
• alkaline minerals
• important trace elements
• high-quality vegetable protein containing all 8 essential amino acids
• polyunsaturated fatty acids
• secondary plant compounds

Pharmaceutical Form: 400 mg tablets or powder
Ingredients: Spirulina platensis microalgae pwd. (100 %)**
• vegan (pure vegetable)
• gluten-free, lactose-free, yeast-free
• free from flavor additives, coloring and fillers
• contains no iodine
** controlled organic quality by Naturland controlled by BCS Öko-Garantie, Nürnberg

Price : £24.60

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Spirulina 400mg 250 Tablets

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